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 Jacques Ibert

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In 2012 there will be the commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of Jacques Ibert’s death. This will provide many opportunities to rediscover, or become acquainted with, one of the most famous 20th century French composers.

Like Debussy and Ravel, Jacques Ibert has the essential qualities of the French musician: clarity, balance, verve and elegance. He defined himself by these words, “I hate the word ‘system’ and I don’t care about preconceived rules. All systems are good as long as you can put them in music.”

One of the most independant musicians of modern times, he objected to being classified as belonging to any group, as he also composed lyrical works and symphonies for the stage or in film music.

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L’âge d’Or - Extrait du Chevalier Errant

Jacques Ibert